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Dear Colleagues:
The recent changes to the energy code have caused us to rethink the design of the exterior walls.  Over the past few years I’ve realized that the expansion joints for the most part have not changed while many of the other components have.  Buildings are being designed to meet the new requirements for continuous insulation, air infiltration and moisture management. I continue to see the same joints being specified that were used before the code changed and most of them are not designed to maintain the continuous insulation layer, continuous air barrier and moisture requirements.
• EMSEAL will help you meet the new continuous insulation requirements with no thermal break, Ashrae 90-1 2007.

• EMSEAL will help you maintain a continuous seal, helping you meet the requirements.  

• EMSEAL watertight seals work with the waterproofing to reduce moisture infiltration.

• EMSEAL has hourly rated foam joints will give the rating you need without costly fire blankets and while you meet the Ashrae 90-1 2007 and ASTM E2357.

• EMSEAL will help maintain the original sound transmission of the wall.
Styro Systems Inc. has been serving the Atlanta market for 30 years and we would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and go over Emseal’s product line.  We are also available for breakfast and lunch presentation. 
Please contact our office at (770-924-3888) or email us at   
To review many of these new systems please visit our web site;
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