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Total Wall, Energy Saving Insulation Products, Cavity Mate, Retrofit Products, Froth Pak, Spray Foam, Plaza Mate, Hi Load 60, ThermaX Ci

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Sika offers silicone sealants and architectural coatings for a wide range of weatherproofing applications.


Structural Repair Systems, Spray Mortars, Waterproof Membranes, Carbon Fiber Systems, Sealants, Special Protective Coatings and Liners 

Hot Applied Waterproofing Systems, Garden Roofs, Protected Roof Membrane, 6125 EV Membrane, Root Barrier, HydroFlex 30, Drainage Composite, Pavers and Pedestals


EMSEAL is the leading innovator and manufacturer of premium fire rated and expansion joint systems for the commercial construction applications.


ThermaFlex, SJS Seismic Joint System, DSM, Colorseal, WFR2 Fire Rated, Submerseal, QuietJoint

Chemtrete/Protectosil® is one of the most successful brands in the field of water repellents (surface applied), graffiti control, corrosion inhibitors and surface protection systems.


Aquatrete SG, BSM 40 VOC, Aquatrete EM, CIT


Moisture Vapor Reduction Systems


We make concrete slabs ready to receive adhesives, protective coatings, roofing assemblies and cementitous toppings when there is a problem with product tolerances due to alkalinity, elevated moisture vapor levels, soaked-in oil and chemical residues, or threats of pin holing.

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Cold liquid-applied fully reinforced moisture-triggered polyurethane membranes

Ultra High Solid Silicone Roof Coating Systems

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